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Baptist Health’s Wednesday Woman

Baptist Health’s Wednesday Woman

Tell us about an Amazing Woman in your life and why they deserve a special Wednesday Woman shout out on the Heather and Poolboy show!MORE

Tornado Relief

Tornado Relief

How can you receive or provide help in the wake of the Tornadoes that ravaged the Greater Little Rock Metro and the City of Wynne? Get the information here…MORE

KLAL/ALICE 1077’s “Harlem Globetrotters Trick Shot” Contest

 complete copy of these rules can be obtained by contacting radio station KLAL (“Station”), 700 Wellington Hills Road, Little Rock, 72211, during available business hours Monday through Friday, on the Station website, or by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the above address.   The Station will conduct the KLAL/ALICE 1077’s “Harlem Globetrotters Trick Shot” Contest (the “Contest”) substantially as described…MORE

Relationship Wednesday 7-14-21

H&Pb respond to a listener who thinks her husband might love his motorcycle more than her. What does your significant other “love more than you?”MORE

Monday Morning Court 7-12-21

Poolboy and Moose talk about a case where a woman sues a weatherman for a bad forecast prediction! Monday Morning Court is brought to you by AR Law Partners – Partners for a peaceful state of mindMORE

Relationship Wednesday 7-7-21

Heather and Poolboy respond to a dad dating a woman the same age as his daughter and a wife who is hiding a shopping account from her husbandMORE

Monday Morning Court 6-28-21

Heather and Poolboy respond to a landlord who wants to know if it is OK to enter their units unannounced when their renters aren’t there – Brought to you by AR Law PartnersMORE

Relationship Wednesday 6-26-21

H&Pb respond to a listener whose ex left a gift on his doorstep. His new girlfriend thinks that’s a problem…MORE