Relationship Wednesday

“So, my boyfriend and I are both over 40. Recently he took himself a mental health Day and then started playing video games. By the time I got home 10 hours later, he was still playing. He stopped playing long enough to greet me on my way in then returns to it while I cook dinner. With his headphones on he was unable to hear me each time I asked him for help with dinner. I am still irritated. At what point is it too much?”

“I’m from northwest Arkansas, ¬†Bentonville specifically. I’ve lived in central Arkansas since 2016. I have 2 kids and a finace of almost 9yrs. I also take care of my bed bound father and nobody to help except my fiance. My oldest, Son who is 12 started building more of a relationship with bio dad who is nwa. I’m considering moving back to nwa in May. My son will be able to build a better relationship with his dad, half siblings and even grandparents. All of my family lives in nwa. Most of fiance family lives in nwa. We HARDLY get to go visit bc I have nobody to stay with my dad. I can’t afford a caregiver . I feel in my soul if we moved back I would have more help with my dad. My kids would have more family. I think it would be a better quality of life. But, we built so much here. We are stable. We are happy. The kids like their school. It’s a hard decision. But I still just have that feeling that moving back home is what we should do. I really don’t want to make the wrong decision tho. My church here has helped my family on many occasions. My client that is disabled that I also take care of would be upset I’m moving bc I am their most reliable caregiver. I’m one that feels bad about everything even if it’s the right decision. It’s just hard. I just want to do what’s best.”


Stewsday 11-16 – Moose’s favorite so far!

Stewsday 11-16 – Moose’s favorite so far!

Today’s Stewsday was the battle of the creamy chicken pastas. Heather is taking it personally that she got stuck with a very bland one and Poolboy got THE BEST SOUP SO FAR! Beth and Moose picked this one unanimously, enjoy!