The Heather and Poolboy Show


Wake up weekday mornings with Heather and Poolboy on Alice 107.7! They’ve been recognized throughout the years as “Best Morning Show,” “Best Radio Personalities,” “Best DJ’s,” and even “Best Central Arkansan” by several publications including the Arkansas Times, Sync Magazine, the Arkansas Democrat Gazette and many more.

The Heather and Poolboy Show is a true reflection of their everyday lives and in most cases, yours too. What you see and hear is what you’d get in real life. If you need a swift kick in the hind parts to get you going every weekday morning, listen to Heather and Poolboy – 6-10a

Heather Brown

Here’s how Heather’s friends describe her: boy mom, basketball, funny, Texas, passionate, loyal, shopping, girly, naps, trustworthy, loving, friend, vulnerable, real, genuine, fashionable, fun, super mom, down to earth, caring, sincere, great mom, wife, zany, competitive, straight forward, goofy, beautiful inside and out, fearless, focused, not phased.
Heather has been entertaining Arkansans since joining Alice 107.7 in 1999.


After attending Catholic High here in Little Rock Poolboy graduated from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.  Poolboy has been a part of mornings on Alice since 2005.  In that time we’ve seen him go from “30 dates in 30 days” to married with children.  When he’s not on-air or spending time with his family he devotes his time as a board member for the Children’s Protection Center.  Honk if you see him driving around town in his pool water blue VW bus and please return his disc if found on any one of central Arkansas’ disc golf courses.


Moose has been the producer of the Heather and Poolboy Show since 2014. His duties include making breakfast runs, wearing things grown men shouldn’t, being wrong all the time and taking general harassment. He graduated from Central High in Little Rock and from the University of Arkansas, but got the name, Moose, because he was born in Canada. He lives with his wife and their cat, Farley. He loves the Hogs, macaroni and cheese, popsicles, the Ninja Turtles, winter, and anything that has to do with sports.



Chrissy Metz Interview

Chrissy Metz Interview

Heather and Poolboy talk to actress Chrissy Metz! She’s the two-time Golden Globe and Emmy-nominated star of “This Is Us” and star of the new movie “Breakthrough.”

House Rules

House Rules

H&Pb discuss house rules. What special ones do you have at your home?

Mans Madness Bracket

Mans Madness Bracket

Just a couple of regular dudes talkin’ about hot dudes. Listen to find out who made our top four in the Cosmopolitan Magazine Mans Madness bracket!