Gloria Estefan hopes to inspire change by tackling tough issues on ‘Red Table Talk’

Gloria Estefan is getting candid in a whole new season of “Red Table Talk: The Estefans.”

“I think it’s a great opportunity to show a multi-generational view of different topics that everyone is somehow affected by in our world,” The singer said in a recent interview with CNN.

The latest episode, which debuted on Facebook Thursday, features the Grammy Award winner, her daughter Emily Estefan and her niece Lili Estefan discussing discrimination within the Latin community.

“It’s not talked about a lot at all, racism within the community,” Emily Estefan says during their discussion. “All of the different colors that we can be in this beautiful Latino community.”

“Queer Eye” star Karamo Brown speaks about his Cuban roots as a Black man and actress Amara La Negra discusses her experiences with racism in Hollywood.

The “Red Table Talk” franchise began with Jada Pinkett Smith, her daughter Willow Smith and her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Norris. Pinkett Smith serves as an executive producer on Estefan’s series.

This season of the Estefan’s “Red Table Talk” also covers sexual assault, the dangers of plastic surgery and the tragedy of Miami’s Surfside building collapse.

“All 12 topics [that we cover] are important,” Lili Estefan told CNN. “But Surfside, what happened in Miami was really one of those moments we will never forget … that is one episode where people are going to connect so much.”

Gloria added, “We have a survivor who came to the table. We have people who have lost both parents coming to the table. We make some connections that are really beautiful. It’s always going to be about the human connection on the show.”

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