Relationship Wednesday 2-10-21

“Hi, Guys!  Here’s my drama:

My husband and I have been married (3 kids) for 18 years.  For 16 of those years, our finances have been pretty tight, with me (wife) being the primary breadwinner.  Granted, I probably only made about $800 more a month than he did, but I still handled all the money and made sure all the bills were paid.
About two years ago, he decided to go in business for himself with my full support.  Immediately,  he landed a contractor job that has tripled our income. While I dream of owning a much-needed bigger house, he is blowing all the money on his hobbies!  We talked at the beginning of 2021, and decided it was time to pay off everything (we have the means to do it), and save the rest. It was also discussed that his contract is not guaranteed, and the money could dry up.  He dismissed my concern, but I’m still worried about it.
 Since then, he’s planned 3 out of state hunting trips, and he’s joined three hunting clubs, essentially blowing through $10k.  Yes, we have saved probably $4k, and we have paid off one credit account, but I still feel it’s irresponsible to spend that much jack on a hobby.  He says we can afford it, and if he’s making the money he should be able to spend the money.   I want him to enjoy his hobbies, but I think two clubs and two trips would be a fair compromise.  He’s not having it.
In the spirit of full disclosure, I probably spend $300 a month on stuff for myself, but I did make an effort to stop it when we decided to work toward the goal of saving/paying stuff off.

Who’s right?  🙂 ”