Johnny Jackson

  Johnny Jackson

Johnny’s Bio

HT:  6′
WGT:  170
Eyes:  Blue
Hair:  Dark Brown
Birthday:  September 15
Status:  SINGLE

Schools:  Cloverdale Elementary & Jr High
McClellan High School

Family:  Son, Mom, Dad, Step Dad, Sister, & 2 half Brothers

Favorite Foods:  All types, but especially Mexican and Italian

Favorite Movies:  Comedies & Chick Flicks

Favorite Music:  All Music, especially gospel, R&B,
blues, & huge Elvis fan

Favorite V, acation Spots:  Panama City, FL, Memphis, TN,
Six Flags-TX, any beach

Hobbies:  Video Production, Basketball, playing guitar,
volunteering wth kids, dancing, watching movies, hanging
with friends, playing pool, and especially spending time with Jordan.

Hottest Female:  Charlize Theron, but totally in love with RACHEL MCADAMS

Childhood Hero:   Jon Bon Jovi and Michael Jordan

What Johnny looks for in a girl:
Someone with a big heart!!&, nbsp; Pretty, sweet, sensat, ive and
caring!  Someone that smiles a , lot.  Has faith in God!!!
Has compassion for others.  Her personality makes her
even more beautiful and she laughs at my corny jokes!!
She believes that dreams can come true and in finding the
magic in a relationship and in life!!!<, BR>

Turn Offs: Girls that smoke!!!  Girls that cuss!!!

Goals:  To make my son proud of his father.  To be
successful at everything I attempt.  To please God.
To be able  to make a positive difference in the lives
of people, especially kids.  I would love to start a
volunteer foundation helping kids, especially sick
kids at AR Childrens Hospital or something. Doing
puppets or just anything to help them and their
families feel better and give them encouragement.

From Johnny:

I was born and raised in Little, Rock, and now live in
Bryant.  My friends would probably say that I am one of
the nicest guys you will meet and that I am a very loving
and compassionate person that likes to make people
laugh and have fun.  I absolutely love kids…all kids!  I
have worked with kids for most of my life whether coaching
them or as a Childrens Church Pastor…etc.  I am also a
hopeless romantic.  I cry at almost every movie I see….lol….
in the most manly way though…lol!!   Ofcourse the love
of my life is my amazing son Jordan!!!  He is 9yrs old.  ,
I’m just not complete when we are apart.  I love working
at Alice 107.7 and meeting our fantastic listeners!!  If
there is anything you would like included on this page
or would like to know please drop me an email at  Thanks again for listening
to my show and Little Rock’s number one hit music
channel Alice 107.7!!!


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