Favorite Things

Here’s Oprah’s List. And you can listen to some great ideas from listeners here!

Tieks Shoes

Whiskey Stones

Beard Guys Beard Care Line

Three Best Cookies

Wicked Mix

CocoaBelle Chocolates

Gripstic Bag Closers

Oakley Sunglasses


Satin Pillow Case

Duluth Buck Naked Underwear

Ball Park Underwear


Magnatiles For Kids

Cordless Rechargeable Water Pik

Saxx Underwear


JEopardy EJ

JEopardy EJ

An Arkansan is your new Jeopardy Champion! Poolboy and Moose talk to Catholic High alumnus EJ Wolborsky about his big win

TV Theme Song Bracket

TV Theme Song Bracket

80s, 90s, 2000s, and Instrumentals.
How we crowned the greatest TV Theme Song Of All Time

Weather Talk With Todd

Weather Talk With Todd

KATV 7’s Todd Yakoubian joins Heather and Poolboy to talk about Arkansas’s record flooding and what weather is on the way.

Guy Friends

Guy Friends

A recent article says a lot of men don’t have friends and women end up bearing the burden of that. H&Pb talk male friendships and their effects on relationships.