Favorite Things

Here’s Oprah’s List. And you can listen to some great ideas from listeners here!

Tieks Shoes

Whiskey Stones

Beard Guys Beard Care Line

Three Best Cookies

Wicked Mix

CocoaBelle Chocolates

Gripstic Bag Closers

Oakley Sunglasses


Satin Pillow Case

Duluth Buck Naked Underwear

Ball Park Underwear


Magnatiles For Kids

Cordless Rechargeable Water Pik

Saxx Underwear


2018 Toy WATCH List

2018 Toy WATCH List

The 2018 World Against Toys Causing Harm (WATCH) list of potentially dangerous toys

Favorite Things

Favorite Things

Oprah dropped her list of favorite things, so we asked for yours! Whole lot of dude’s underwear…

How To Get A Husband

How To Get A Husband

This article from the 1950s with tips for women looking to find a man has been making the rounds lately. Thankfully times have changed!